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Mon Oct 19 12:32:36 PDT 2009

Hi All,


Thought I would pass on a short note from Wendy Becker concerning the grants to be funded under HB1386.  At this time, as you probably know, recommendations from the Historic Preservation Commission are awaiting approval by the County Council.  However, all Council items have been tabled, pending completion of the budget.  Wendy did say that she had gotten verbal support from some Council members to extend the year-end deadline that was expected for expenditures and project completion.


We're not off to a terribly auspicious start for our first year.  We managed to get the projects submitted successfully, and the Commission worked in a timely fashion for approvals and recommendations, but we seem caught in the budget turmoil.  Although this $40K was not money from next year's budget, it seems reasonable to infer that it might still be in jeopardy.  Don't write any checks on it :-)


Best regards,

Fred Cruger

Granite Falls Historical Society

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