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To the League Enews Members -
Below is AKCHO Board Recommendations to the King County Council for expenditure of HB1386 funds.  Note the desire to use funds for preservation of art works, a worthy cause to be sure, but not historical.


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Hello AKCHO member and heritage supporter!
You may have read in this month's Heritage Advisor about the King County Historic Preservation and Historical Programs Advisory Task Force and its interim recommendations to the King County Council . The recommendations focus on the distribution of document filing fee revenue under RCW 32.22.170, also called HB 1386. On Monday, Nov. 2, the AKCHO Board of Directors agreed to send a letter of support for the report's recommendations to the Council.
The AKCHO board asks that you review the report and express your views to your County Councilmember as soon as possible. The council is currently in budget deliberations and is scheduled to publish its final budget on Nov. 23. It's extremely important that you write to your council members this week. If the Council adopts the recommendations, as much as $550,000 in new funds may become available for historic preservation, historical programs, and preservation of historical documents in King County.
Here's are some important links: 
	* Task Force report (opens PDF): http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102803949429&s=1102&e=001FqXxXbqoWh-kH2jmA-Z8UE2EGsDkSsIlhzXawdsP2-W2XQHUn29V-k7uQuR0URP4PKnFcZ1vSUZCZP5mljxq61ANq2U4oDMKRvpg6orES6M=
	* Task Force online feedback form: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102803949429&s=1102&e=001FqXxXbqoWh_JFnxeSstsqbLCXUKjtwWIvNcDnP6vKEs3HsPKepslxdJMA7QCoTXWCtyGBH-wMeu56CUOS5kXchOqTzozNKwsP9LWl057Kz8=
	* Task Force main website: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102803949429&s=1102&e=001FqXxXbqoWh9b52sBD1VXspbDtHCPmgr-ESLspBOOQstIAvfRKShAKxvfjAymyH3jaVL8obSqu7U_r_14LuTUFC8T-ioYDwjGywcvBJVP8mE=
	* KC Council Budget online testimony form: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102803949429&s=1102&e=001FqXxXbqoWh-Yn8yXuEceuoyxGqBPaCLEayM3VzTfTAgcslby-VXf4ZBvMqs6BdZ_4ZVlVR2lEXJjg6HiYr-kqDBwd5OUTbSN0U3BhDVY4FE=
The Task Force resumes its deliberations later this month in preparation for its long-term report, which is due March 1, 2010. AKCHO will monitor the progress of the Task Force and submit reports in Heritage Advisor and by email as developments warrant.
Thank you for your ongoing support of King County preservation and heritage activities!
AKCHO Board of Directors

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