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The Washington State Library is slowly digitizing historical newspapers starting with the territorial papers.  Below are two recent announcements sent by them. Scroll through the list, there are many treasures for interesting facts for exhibits, research, articles etc etc...

The Washington State Library has added an early Snohomish newspaper to its online offerings. The Northern Star,
from 1876-1879, is the library’s latest addition to the Historical
Newspapers Online Project, which makes available the state’s earliest
territorial newspapers to anyone with an Internet connection. Indexed
by staff and a group of enthusiastic volunteers, news topics include: 
	* “Centennial History of Snohomish County” col. 1-5, page 4, July 8, 1876: www.sos.wa.gov/quicklinks/CentHist1; Page 5 (continued): www.sos.wa.gov/quicklinks/CentHist2.
	* “Hyas Potlatch” col. 1, p. 2, July 22, 1876 (an article written entirely in Chinook Jargon): www.sos.wa.gov/quicklinks/Potlatch.
	* Ambitious readers may want to translate, using this “Vocabulary of the Chinook Jargon” from the 8/6/1864 Seattle Weekly Gazette: www.sos.wa.gov/quicklinks/Chinook.
	* “J.R.
Thompson Travel Account” col. 2, page 2, July 14, 1877 (a travel
account of the Walla Walla and Snake river valleys by J.R. Thompson
with his thoughts on the Nez Perce Indian war): www.sos.wa.gov/quicklinks/Thompson.
The Northern Star joins Olympia’s first papers, The Columbian, The Washington Pioneer and The Pioneer and Democrat,
that cover 1852-1857. Also included in the collection are historical
newspapers from the cities of La Conner, Lynden, Port Townsend,
Seattle, Spokane, Steilacoom, Vancouver, Walla Walla and Yakima.
Additional newspapers will be brought online as they are scanned and
The newspaper Web site was purposely designed for students,
genealogists, and historians to easily access historical information.
It provides viewers with the ability to search by keywords, dates,
subjects, and personal names. To view the newspapers, please visit www.sos.wa.gov/history/newspapers.aspx. 
Subject: Online history resources at State Library
From:    "Rudeen, Marlys" <marlys.rudeen at sos.wa.gov>
Date:    Wed, November 25, 2009 1:26 pm
Good afternoon,
I thought I'd write to a few of the historical societies and
organizations in the western part of the state to let you know about
some of the resources available online for Western Washington history
from the State Library.  The following titles are all available
full-text and free of charge at the State Library's web site
www.sos.wa.gov/library.   They can be viewed in two file formats, PDF
and DJVU.  (DJVU is another format like the Adobe PDF that requires the
user to download a viewer - like the Adobe PDF viewer.)

In our Historical Newspaper Online collection
http://www.sos.wa.gov/history/newspapers.aspx we have digitized the
following titles:

La Conner - Puget Sound Mail 1879-1884

Lynden - Pioneer Press 1888-1890

Olympia - Columbian 1852-1853

Olympia - Washington Pioneer 1853-1854

Olympia - Pioneer and Democrat

Port Townsend - Weekly Argus

Port Townsend - Puget Sound Weekly Argus 1876-1877

Seattle - Washington Gazette 1863

Seattle - Seattle Gazette 1863-1864

Seattle - Seattle Weekly Gazette  1864-1866


Seattle - Puget Sound semi-weekly 1866

Seattle - Puget Sound Weekly 1866-1867

Seattle - Puget Sound Weekly Gazette 1867

Snohomish - Northern Star 1876-1879

Steilacoom - Puget Sound Courier 1855-1856

Steilacoom - Puget Sound Herald 1858-1864

Steilacoom - Truth teller 1858

Vancouver - Vancouver register 1865-1869

We hope to digitize more western Washington newspapers as the project
goes on.  The papers are indexed so that users can search by personal
names for births, deaths and marriages.

In our digital books online collection - Classics in Washington History
- the following books are available (and more!)

History of Clarke County, Washington Territory
Two historians narrate in great detail southwest Washington's
territorial years as well as providing the early history of the Pacific
Coast including Oregon and California. Interspersed throughout the book
are portraits of pioneers and drawings of farms and residences of Clark
county. The last portion of the book supplies biographical sketches of
the county's earliest and most prominent residents.

History of Puget Sound Country, vols. 1-2
Prosser's work is one of the regional histories that covers the history
of settlement and development of the area, and includes biographical
sketches of many early citizens. This 2-volume set covers Chehalis
(Gray's Harbor), Clallam, Island, Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Lewis, Mason,
Pacific, Pierce, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Thurston and Whatcom

Lewis and Dryden's marine history of the Pacific Northwest.
This includes the information on the ships and crews that served on the
Pacific, Puget Sound and the river systems.

Anti-chinese riots at Seattle by George Kinnear.
This book is a first hand account of the anti - Chinese riots that
occurred in Seattle in February, 1886. It includes a list of the Home
Guard on duty at the time of the shooting.

Daily journal, 1865 by Louisa Jackson Ware.
This unpublished, handwritten diary of Louisa Jackson, daughter of
settler John R. Jackson, is bound in calico and covers the year 1865.
Brief entries document the activities of running the farm and the number
of visitors and immigrants that stopped at the Jackson home.
Louisa Jackson's diary of 1865 - transcription (graciously provided by
the Lewis County Historical Society.)

Dr. John McLoughlin: the father of Oregon by Frederick V. Holman.
As factor of the Hudson's Bay outpost at Fort Vancouver, John McLoughlin
was a pivotal character in the settlement of the Northwest, and deeply
embroiled in a major controversy during the creation of the Oregon

Life at Puget Sound by Caroline C. Leighton.
After the Civil War, Caroline Leighton and her husband came to the
Pacific Northwest. Here she meets pioneer families building new lives,
and people who came to the frontier to leave old lives behind.

Mount Rainier: a record of exploration by Edmond Meany
Meany collects information about Mt. Rainier from many viewpoints.
William Tolmie recounts an expedition to the foothills in 1833; members
of the Wilkes Expedition explore Naches Pass in 1844; Hazard Stevens
leads the first successful ascent in 1870; and more.

Northwest coast, or, three year's residence in Washington Territory by
James Swan.
This volume is James Swan's description of life along the northwest
coast at Shoalwater Bay from 1852 to 1855. Swan, an explorer and
naturalist, relates his personal adventures, tales of the Indians, and
anecdotes of the settlers.

Ox-team days on the Oregon Trail by Ezra Meeker.
Follow a young pioneer family as they set out to build a new life in the
Pacific Northwest. Also follow author Ezra Meeker as he retraces the
trail many years later to memorialize the Oregon Trail and the pioneers
who lived and died on it.

Pioneer days on Puget Sound by Arthur A. Denny.
Pioneer Arthur A. Denny writes about the early days of Seattle. Follow
him as he remembers cabins and sawmills, steamboats on the Sound,
Indians, soldiers and settlers.

Pioneer reminiscences of Puget Sound by Ezra Meeker.
Read about early days in Western Washington from one of our most
personable pioneers. Ezra Meeker also explores the tragedy of the trial
and execution of Chief Leschi of the Nisqually.

Pioneer's search for an ideal home by Phoebe Goodell Judson.
Phoebe Goodell Judson reminisces about her 1853 trek from Ohio to Puget
Sound, Olympia during the Indian Wars, and settling in the Nooksack
Valley where she and her husband founded the town of Lynden. Published
when she was 95 years old, her story provides a woman's insight into
pioneer life in the Washington Territory.

Reminiscences of Seattle, Washington Territory, and the U.S. Sloop of
War "Decatur" during the Indian War of 1855-1856 by Thomas Stowell
Phelps.  http://www.sos.wa.gov/history/publications_detail.aspx?p=45
Phelps recalls events that transpired during his service as navigator on
board the U.S. Sloop-of-War "Decatur" protecting Seattle in the Indian
Wars of 1855-56.

River of the West by Frances Fuller Victor.
An account of exploration and adventure in the Rocky Mountains and
Oregon, this volume details the life of Joseph L. Meek, a trapper and
explorer who settled in Oregon in 1840. Following the Whitman massacre
in 1847, Meek traveled to Washington, D.C. to ask for protection for the
people of Oregon.

Vancouver's discovery of Puget Sound.

This book follows Capt. Vancouver from the time he arrives on the shores
of Washington; during his travels into Puget Sound and around Vancouver
Island; and through the negotiations at Nootka. A portion of Vancouver's
journal is included.

Histories from the early years at Fort Lewis:

600 days' service: a history of the 361st infantry regiment by Harold H.


Camp Lewis.

Ninety-first, the first at Camp Lewis by Alice Henderson Palmer.

Official history of the Thirteenth Division.

Documents relating to the "Pig War":

Message of the President ... in reference to the Island of San Juan.


Report relative to the occupation of the Island of San Juan.


On June 15, 1859, Lyman Cutler, an American settler on San Juan Island,
shot and killed a pig belonging to the British Hudson's Bay Company,
triggering an international confrontation. These publications contains
correspondence and articles concerning the conflict known as the "Pig

Researchers can also contact the State Library for reference help using
our online reference service at http://www.sos.wa.gov/library/ask.aspx.
To see what resources the Library has for genealogical research, they
may consult the Genealogy page at
I hope some of these items will be useful for you and your fellow
historical researchers.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Marlys Rudeen
Deputy State Librarian
Washington State Library
PO Box 42460
Olympia, WA 98504-2460
tel: 360.704.7132
email: mrudeen at secstate.wa.gov

Karen Prasse
kprasse at yahoo.com
SAHS Volunteer www.sahs-fncc.org
& President, League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations
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