[Loscho_enews] HB 1386 GRANT AWARDS 2009

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Tue Dec 1 20:41:00 PST 2009


Snohomish County’s Historic Preservation Commission received and reviewed
nine grant applications and made recommendations to fund seven of them
(see end of letter).  On Wednesday, October 19, The Snohomish County
Council passed Motion 09-447 allocating funding to seven grant requests.
At this point, we are working to develop a contract for each applicant’s
scope of service.
The deadline for each project has been extended until December 31st, 2010
- giving each applicant more time to finish their projects.
Funding is on a REIMBURSEMENT basis.
I look forward to working with each of you as we develop the contract and
making sure compliance is easy and understandable.
Snohomish County is proud to support your heritage preservation efforts.

Wendy Becker
Economic and Cultural Development Officer
Snohomish County
3000 Rockefeller Avenue MS 411
Everett, WA 98201
Wendy.Becker at snoco.org

Project Sponsor Project Title             Project      Match     Request  

Granite Falls History Museum Historic Overlay Mapping of Snohomish County
Total Project Cost $19,950 Match 13,950 Request 6,000 Granted 5,000

Historylink.org Mountain Loop Hwy CyberTour
Total Project Cost $12,000 Match 8,000 Request 4,000 Granted 3,000

Historic Everett Hewitt Avenue Historic District Walking Tour
Total Project Cost $2,000 Match 1,000 Request 1,000 Granted 1,000

Marysville Historical Society Archive Preservation Lab
Total Project Cost $10,380 Match 6,000 Request 4,380 Granted 2,000

Monroe Historical Society Monroe Monitor Newspaper Collection Storage
Total Project Cost - $3,240 Match 1,950 Request 1,290 Granted 1,000

Stillaguamish Valley Pioneer Museum Exhibit Roof for Carved Relief Map
Total Project Cost - $89,679 Match 75,305 Request 14,374 Granted 14,000

Western Heritage Museum Museum Expansion Project
Total Project Cost - $45,038 Match 28,438 Request 16,600 Granted 14,000

2008[9?] request totals Total Project Cost -182,287 134,643 47,644  
Granted 40,000

Total Small Fund 2009 47,644 Granted 40,000

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