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Hi All,

As many of you have heard, the grants funded under HB1386 have been approved and contracts written between the County and the project agencies.  One project counting on these funds has been the Snohomish County Historic Mapping project sponsored by the Granite Falls Historical Society.  The County funds will make it possible for us to put in place enough PC computing power to arrange our final files and replicate copies for each participating organization.

However, the County stipulates that we must complete the project before we can apply to them for reimbursement.  That means that we must purchase a robust PC, along with all the USB disc drives that will be provided to participating groups.  Those disc drives will contain all the maps, aerial photos, homestead boundaries and info, and assorted other map "layers" that will be useful.  They will also include the software needed to view and use the maps.

The Granite Falls Historical Society is not in a budget position to purchase all of the hardware up-front without some help.  As discussed at a recent LOSCHO meeting, each organization wishing to have their own set of maps for local use (and for visitor use), is asked to contribute $300.  That will cover the disc costs, duplicating costs, etc., and provide you with a turn-key operation.

I realize this is probably the end of each organization's fiscal year, and there may be reasons that some organizations would prefer to incur such a cost before Dec 31st, while some might prefer the expense to occur after Jan 1st.  We are confident  that we can complete the project by the end of January.  The vast majority of the "grunt work" has been done on a single PC we already purchased for this project.  We made up for lack of dollars by investing extra hours.  But now we need each organization to make a real commitment to the $300 payment.  We will make the material available after January, as well, but at a substantially higher price, because we will not be able to take advantage of project help and "bulk" processing.

You are all welcome to visit the Granite Falls Museum to get a preview of how the system looks, works, and feels.  But we do need an answer fairly quickly regarding your participation, because we have to plan both the final workload as well as the cash flow.  Kevin Stadler (stadlerkk at gmail.com) did visit last week for a look, so you can also ask him for an independent assessment of the power and value of having this tool for genealogical and community development research.

Best regards,
Fred Cruger
Granite Falls Historical Society
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