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Subject: Civilian Conservation Corps Chapter 5's last meeting
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My name is Leah Tyson & I am President of the Darrington Historical Society.I am very interested in the History of our Civilian Conservation Corps (Camp Darrington); & have been researching it for several years. In my research I have met many fantastic; hardworking, generous and special  people; both locally (Washington State) & from all over the United States.
   One such group of people is  Seattle's Civilian Conservation Corps  Chapter 5. 
   They have been  hard workers, who have been dedicated to preserving the memory of the C.C.C.'s & sharing their stories & history with anyone & everyone who was interested. Their legacy to us  has been a very profound one & I feel like they ( along with every other C.C.C. recruit & C.C.C. Chapter)  deserve some kind of recognition for all their efforts. These are the boys; turned men who valiantly fought & helped win World War ll for us. This was after all the hard work they did; building State parks, building roads, fighting forest fires, planting new forests, etc.
    Chapter 5  was very instrumental in raising the money & getting the C.C.C. worker statue placed in Deception Pass State Park; as a lasting memory & tribute to all of the C.C.C. recruits everywhere.  They have worked long & hard; with a long line of Rangers to keep their legacy alive. Until just the last few years they were even still doing repairs on some of the C.C.C.'s original projects.
    Berniece has been the President of Chapter 5 for many years. She is one very special lady. I count my self very lucky for having met her; & getting the chance to work with her. She has done an amazing job of running the group, keeping them active & on course with their many projects. ( And there have been MANY...)
Including working with Ranger Jack Hartt of the Deception Pass State Park to create & present the 75th Civilian Conservation Corps celebration at Deception Pass State Park.
   At their January 2010 meeting President Berniece Phelps is planning on discussing the plans for disbanding the group. The group has lost a lot of their members to 
"CAMP ETERNAL" & the C.C.C. members that are left are finding it harder & harder to be able to get to the meetings; due to poor health or lack of transportation.These wonderful gentleman & their wives are all up in their 90's.
   I would like to ask you to do something to recognize this passing of an important era; in American history, while at least some of these men & their wives are still here to know about the recognition & be able to know that what they did & all they worked for was  appreciated then & is still appreciated now. Whether it be media coverage, a few kind words, award of recognition, etc. I would like to see their last meeting become a very special one for them to remember. 
Thank you;
Leah Tyson
Darrington Historical Society

Berniece Phelps  425-746-1988

Ranger Jack Hartt      jack.hartt at parks.wa.gov 

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