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anything in SnoCo need a bit of light shed?

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 It's time again. I'm starting to research this year's "Heritage  Turkeys of
> the Year" list looking at failures, setbacks and outrages  in heritage
> advocacy, cultural resources and historic preservation  efforts for 2010.
> Here's a link to last year's inaugural edition.
> http://crosscut.com/2009/12/29/mossback/19463/Heritage-Turkeys-of-the-Year/
> It could be a particular historic building was demolished, an
>  archaeological boondoggle, or clueless policy makers and ham-handed  budget
> cutters dealt blows to heritage efforts in Washington, Oregon,  British
> Columbia, Idaho and Alaska. I'd love get your opinions,  leads, nominees and
> ideas. The list will appear before the end of the  year.
> By the way, one non-Turkey thing happening this year (next week, in  fact)
> is that Crosscut.com will be moving into The Globe Building in  Seattle's
> Pioneer Square, formerly home of the legendary Elliott Bay  Book Company.
> We're joining with some other non-profits and hope to  use space there for
> readings, panels, exhibits and performances.  We're thrilled to be part of
> the Square's revitalization, and joining the long tradition of uses at The
> Globe (saloon, hotel, drug company,  bootlegging operation, bookstore,
>  quilt factory, gold mining  company, online newspaper....)
> Here's some background on The Globe and Pioneer Square.
> http://crosscut.com/2010/04/29/mossback/19772/How-to-fill-the-hole-in-Pioneer-Square-s-heart-/
> Thanks for your help, and as always other story tips welcome as well.
> Knute "Skip" Berger
> Crosscut.com
> knute.berger at crosscut.com
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