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Hi All,

At the Malstrom Luncheon, Mary Deaton, Webmaster of the Granite Falls
Historical Society http://www.gfhistory.org/ - offered to give a workshop to
those interested in setting up a website.  If you would like to attend,
please let Mary know days and times convenient to you.  Also read over her
description of what she would cover to help her develop the workshop.
The League would have to provide a projector, place and internet connection
(wifi) - If you are interested, let Mary and I know and we will try to
arrange for some time early May.
Thanks, Karen  -  see below - contact her at  Museum Web Manager, *
webmanager at gfhistory.org* <webmanager at gfhistory.org>

*From Mary---
For people who have no Web site, I would start by talking about the process
of planning for one and how to choose a  tool, hosting service, and so on. I
am not sure we would need a place  with computeers, since, it would not
necessarily be a hands-on workshop. There is lots of work to be done before
one worries about actually creating the physical site, and that is what I
want to focus on to begin with.

What I would like to know from people are the following:

Do you currently have a Web site?
How is it produced and maintained?
Where is the Web site "hosted;" where is the web server where the  pages are
If you have a Web site tool, what is the name of the tool?
Are you or someone in your organization familiar with creating Web sites?
Do you or someone in your organization know any hypertext markup  language
What is your organizations primary goal in having a Web site?*

Karen Prasse
League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations
info at snocoheritage.org
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