[Loscho_Enews] New Womens Legacy stories and Heritage Caucus, March 23, 2011

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Please see the Women's Legacy page for two new stories by Betty Gaeng and
Margaret Summitt!

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Subject: Heritage Caucus, March 23, 2011
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Greetings Heritage Caucusers:

The regular meeting of the Heritage Caucus is Wednesday, March 23, 2011,
7AM-8AM in Cherberg ABC. We hope to see you there.

This week’s agenda:

7:00am                 Welcome/Introductions –  Senator Honeyford, Rep. Van
De Wege

7:10am                 Bill Report

7:25am                 WA State Jewish Historical Society – Lisa Kranseler

7:40am                 Arts Fund – Dwight Gee

7:55am                 For the Good of the Order
8:00am                 Adjourn

Please email with questions or comments.

Weekly Bill Reports are now being posted to the Heritage Caucus webpage -


Mark Vessey, Washington State Historical Society

Mark Gerth, Washington State Arts Commission

Karen Prasse
League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations
info at snocoheritage.org
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