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Training for Board members and volunteers about managing museums is
available in Seattle from the AASLH June 23-24.

Participants will learn about their institution's responsibility toward its
collection, the necessary policies and procedures, and the best practices of
collection management. During lively group discussions and hands-on
activities, participants will become familiar with current issues and trends
to better understand how collections fit within the context of history
organizations. Participants will explore other topics including the role of
collections in exhibition and interpretation, the basic steps of collections
management from acquisition to disposal, professional standards and ethics,
conservation on a shoe-string budget, as well as learning about the
multitude of resources available for collections preservation.

For more information - check the workshop agenda at this website (I can't
add attachments with this enews service)



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AASLH is bringing its Collections Management and Practices workshop to the
Wing Luke Museum on June 23-24. I have attached a workshop flyer.  You can
find more information on our website at <http://www.aaslh.org/collwork.htm>.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bethany Hawkins
Program Associate
American Association for State and Local History
1717 Church St.
Nashville, TN 37203
hawkins at aaslh.org

Register for AASLH Spring Onsite or Online Workshops at

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