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This bill is very important in the evolution of the funding of heritage,
museums, and libraries.  It may go nowhere but please read the basic info
below to form your own opinions.  I don't really think that the State
Library should be lumped in this group and I'm not sure this is the solution
for our budget problems in funding basic cultural resources preservation and
programs.  In this bill, the State Library which is already cut to the bone,
could lose its eligibility for grants from the Institute for Museum and
Library Services which supports library programming, Rural Heritage and
Research resources funding.   If anyone can attend this hearing and report
back it would be very helpful.

Mar 31  Scheduled for public hearing and executive session in the House
Committee on State Government & Tribal Affairs at 8:00 AM


HB 2033 - DIGEST

Creates the department of heritage, arts, and culture.

Abolishes the department of archaeology and historic

preservation and transfers its powers, duties, and functions

to the department of heritage, arts, and culture.

Transfers the Washington state arts commission to the

department of heritage, arts, and culture.

Transfers, to the department of heritage, arts, and

culture, all powers, duties, and functions of:

(1) The secretary of the senate and chief clerk of the house of

representatives pertaining to oral history activities;

(2) The department of commerce pertaining to the

Washington tourism commission; and

(3) The secretary of state pertaining to the Washington

state legacy project and the state library.

Changes the name and function of the Washington state

legacy project, state library, and archives account, the

Washington state flag account, and the Washington state

heritage center account.

Requires the code reviser to develop and submit

legislation for the 2012 legislative session that updates and

corrects statutes to reflect the changes in the act

Karen Prasse
League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations
info at snocoheritage.org
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