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Thu Nov 3 07:43:51 PDT 2011

 Hi All,

This is just a note to remind all users of the Snohomish County mapping
software that additional maps/features are now available for your systems.
A complete set of NPRR maps extending from the southern County line to the
northern County line, along with the branches to Monte Cristo, Darrington,
and Everett have been added.  Monroe Sanborm maps have been added.  A layer
of pictures have been added (allows the user to click on a small arrow on
the map, and see what s/he would have seen had s/he been standing on that
spot looking in that direction many years ago).  Right now, only pictures
from Granite Falls have been added (requests for other pictures have gone
unanswered), but it does demonstrate the capability, should you want to
include pictures from your local venue.

Updating your disc is simply a matter of copying some folders (10-15
minutes at the most), so please feel free to stop at the Granite Falls
Museum to get an update (and a demo, if you'd like).

Best regards,
Fred Cruger
GFHS (Granite Falls Historical Society)

info at snocoheritage.org
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