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Snohomish County is producing a themed guide to focus on county's historic
corners  --- see below lifted from the County Executive newsletter.

"Corner (noun) \ˈkȯr-nər\ : b: the place of intersection of two streets or

What do you know about the corners in your neighborhood? Are they just
places where streets or roads meet? Or does their significance run deeper?

The Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission and the Snohomish
County Arts Commission are interested in the stories about corners in your
town or city that mark places of cultural significance.  It can be local,
state or even national significance, but it has to be in Snohomish County.
The goal is to identify corners to use in a specially themed guide to
Snohomish County.

If you have a place like this in your community, we’d like to hear from

Contact Wendy Becker, Economic and Cultural Development Officer, at
425-388-3186 or wendy.becker at snoco.org.

Example --- Keeler's Corner near Lynnwood"
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