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Museum Attractions for this spring and summer

"Paper People go to the Movies" at the Edmonds Museum
The Golden Age of Cinema shared the stage with the golden years of paper
doll production and popularity between the 1920s and 1950s. As movie
personalities became popular they starred in their own paper doll books,
complete with fashionable wardrobes and scenes to delight even the toughest
The Edmonds Historical Museum presents famous paper people in glorious
color and art during its showing of  "Paper People go the Movies." The
exhibit will run daily, Wednesday through Sunday, from April 4 through July
15, 2012.

And the Western Heritage Center for students and families - the kids can
really grind corn, wheat and oats into grain and flour, learn about native
tree barks, local wood types and how the make shake roofs! they can handle
/ touch different ores and minerals, they will learn to identify bird
nests, eggs and wetland habitats, they can watch drive belts turning
pulleys that turn pulleys, that turn more pulleys, and finally drill a
piece of wood!...they can operate a  computer to make a corn sheller (??)
make a drag saw work (??), or to operate a grain cleaner (??)
Western Heritage Center - http://www.westernheritagecenter.org/
See the youtube railroad tour!!!

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