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Hello, ****

Mark Fiege, a visiting professor from Colorado, will be in the Puget Sound
region in June to promote his new book, *Republic of Nature*. He’ll speak
at Everett Public Library on June 13. I think your organization’s members
and guests might be interested in this program, described below. Please
consider forwarding this message on to your email list.****

Many thanks!****

The Salem witch burning craze has been explained as mass hysteria.
Professor Mark Fiege says another culprit contributed: Nature. The harsh
New England landscape of unknown diseases, wild animals, and forbidding
forests on the edge of a vast, wild continent.

Fiege, history professor at Colorado State University, will speak about his
new book *The Republic of Nature* at 7pm Monday June 11 at Everett Public
Library, 2702 Hoyt Avenue. The lecture is free, and books will be on sale
during the event.****

Puritan Salem is one example where nature molded history here in the United
States. But Fiege says  the natural environment also affected such critical
events as the Battle of Gettysburg, the development of the transcontinental
railroads, and the building of the atomic bomb. ****

Fiege opens up a new way of thinking about these historical stories, taught
to school kids everywhere. He sees our revolutionary nation as arising in a
virgin continent that killed some and tempered others: “The republic is a
composite of flesh as well as of ideas, of beating hearts as much as of
rocks, trees, lead, soil, or steel.”****

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*Cameron A. Johnson*

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Everett Public Library****

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As much as necessary.****

                *—R. Daneel Olivaw*

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