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Subject: researching swiss dairy farm life
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Lisa Hill-Festa, the curator of Collections at the Nordic Heritage Museum
in Seattle suggested I contact Karen Prasse, however I would welcome advice
from anyone knowledgeable.

I’m making a series of video vignettes about a historical landmark in south
king county and one of my stories is about a Swiss family that lived on
that land in the early 1900s and ran a dairy farm for six years. Little is
known about the specific family my video is about so I’m trying to find a
story that is fairly universal to early century Swedish immigrants. I’m
looking for some challenge that my family was almost certain to have had to
overcome.  It can be a small thing or a big thing or a humors thing.   I
also need to learn a lot about what day to day life was like.    It would
be wonderful if you could connect me with descendants from Swiss immigrant
dairy farmers in the Northwest or anyone with a good deal of expertise on
the topic.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Best wishes - Staci

Staci Bernstein

Director, Hero Labs


staci at herolabs.net

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