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Hidden Treasures in Washington State Museums*

*Award-winning writer (Washington Icons, Washington Curiosities, etc.) and
radio producer Harriet Baskas wants your 'hidden treasures' for a
Humanities Washington project. Please take a moment to read her call for
nominations and nominate a treasure (or three...) from your collection by
June 20th.

*Dear Washington State Museum staff members:

As part of the Humanities Washington Inquiring Mind Speakers Bureau,
<http://www.humanities.org/programs/speakers/current-speakers>I've spent
much of the past two years traveling around  the state delivering my *"What's
That?"* presentation about unusual and offbeat people, places and things in
Washington State.

Besides the World's Largest Egg (Winlock) and the Teapot Gas Station
(Zillah), audience members have especially enjoyed learning about a couple
of 'hidden treasures' from Washington State museums in the program,
including Bing Crosby's toupees (Spokane) and a pair of Ku Klux
Klan-connected quilts (Yakima),

For the new Inquiring Minds season, I'm putting together an entire
presentation on our state's museum-held treasures. For that I need your

Here's what I'm looking for:

Objects in your collection that rarely or never shown to the public.

I'm looking for objects that have great stories attached to them. The
objects you wish you could put out and keep out - but for some reason
cannot or do not. The old favorites (like the Burke's Egyptian mummy) that
are now put away.

*If you've got an item to nominate, please:*

**Send me a note: hbaskas at gmail.com with a short description of the object,
the reason it is kept in storage and, if you can, a photo.*
Deadline: June 20th.*

*What do you get out of it?*
Promotion for your museum: If I am indeed part of the new team of
Humanities Washington speakers, your museum will get talked about in
presentations made around the state to audiences filled with motivated,
inquisitive people.
A program for your museum: These programs are offered free to organizations
around the state. Hosts fill out out a form, work with Humanities
Washington to promote the event and cover travel expenses.
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