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Remembering Captain Puget!
Thursday evening
October 25th 2012
7 pm.
Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center
27130 102nd Ave  NW
Stanwood, WA

***Help us welcome Linda McCune, wife of Don McCune, long-time northwest
broadcaster, Don McCune.
Don McCune, was known as Captain Puget to multitude of youngsters growing
up in western Washington from 1957 to 1966.  The Captain Puget Show was
broadcast live each weekday by KOMO TV. Captain Puget sang sea chanteys,
showed short film clips about the northwest and showed cartoons, but only
one episode was recorded.

It was McCune’s Exploration Northwest series that introduced the history
and heritage of the Northwest to scores of people from 1960 to 1981, also
produced by KOMO.  McCune wrote and narrated over 400 episodes, winning 26
Emmy Awards for documentary excellence.
When Don McCune passed away in 1993, his widow, Linda McCune, established
The Don McCune Library and began preserving his works created during his
amazing 50-year broadcast career to release on DVD, CD and books.  Only one
half of the Exploration Northwest episodes were saved by KOMO TV, although
Linda has the scripts that Don wrote for all of them.  Linda will present a
slide show capturing the best of Exploration Northwest and
behind-the-scenes commentary and information about the most historical

Visit the Don McCune Website: www.donmccunelibrary.com

For more information about the program,
Or call Rose King 360-629-6110
Sponsored by the Stanwood Area Historical Society
Karen Prasse
info at sahs-fncc.org
Stanwood Area Historical Society

Karen Prasse
League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations
info at snocoheritage.org
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