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Fri May 24 10:07:50 PDT 2013

A New Video on Native American culture in Snohomish County is being
created.  Lita Mowrer, David Dilgard, Jeff Boice, Lyn Boice, and JD Mowrer
have worked hours researching and pulling together this film that will
greatly enhance our understanding of the Native American history during the
time when Indian ways were being actively destroyed in the greater
Snohomish County region.  There is much to learn and understand of this
process and how we can recover some that has been lost.  Here is their
unique request for support for this project - please take the time to view
the video request at the link below even if it is just to be aware of its

>From their web page ---*  "Our goal is to have a broadcast quality
film that can be aired on TV stations and small independent theaters,
ultimately PBS or the History Channel.  We need funding to conduct more
interviews, provide additional footage of the poles as they exist today,
and to cover costs of editing, post production, and securing distribution

Karen Prasse
League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations
info at snocoheritage.org
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