[Loscho_Enews] Photos of Buffalo Bill Everett appearance in 1908

Margie and Greg Wilson wilsongm at frontier.com
Sun Jun 23 15:03:29 PDT 2013

Hello Cameron,
Years ago I lived in Southwest Washington. I had the pleasure of 
visiting the Lelooka Foundation Museum in Ariel, Washington. In the 
museum are artifacts regarding Buffalo Bill Cody. One of the leaders 
of the Lelooksa family (Chief Lelooska's grandfather, named 
"He-Killer") I believe was a performer in the Buffalo Bill Cody's 
Wild West Show. The Leloska Foundation may be willing to loan you 
some artifacts for your podcast and or photographs. The contact 
information follows below. On the website (www.lelooska.org) there is 
a narrative about Chief Lelooska's grandfather and a brief mention of 
Buffalo Bill Cody. These family owned artifacts are on exhibit in 
this small but fascinating museum in Ariel, WA.
-- Hope this helps, Margie Wilson
   Lelooska Foundation P.O. Box 526 Ariel, Washington 98603 Phone 
(360) 225-9522 Fax (360) 225-7416 
<http://www.lelooska.org>www.lelooska.org info at lelooska.org

Mariah Stoll-Smith Reese, Executive Director
Judith Ibbs, Assistant and Shari Catania, Assistant

Board of Directors
Tsungani Fearon Smith, President
Rose Petersen, Vice President
Gretchen Fuller, Treasurer
Julia Stoll
Eric Reese
Lisa Cunningham
Wendy Dasler Johnson# # #

At 04:43 PM 6/22/2013, Cameron Johnson wrote:
>League Enews -
>Hi all,
>We're working on a podcast about Buffalo Bill's two Everett 
>appearances on Sept. 22, 1908. We'd like to have some photos of that 
>specific event (Not just BB in general) to accompany the podcast. 
>Our Northwest History Room, alas, has only an image of the show's 
>poster. Does anyone have photos of the event they could share? That 
>is, the setup, the acts, the grounds, anything? I've contacted the 
>Buffalo Bill Historical Center and Denver Public Library, who both 
>have large photographic archives of BB, but even they don't have 
>photos of that specific appearance. They do have some great general 
>photos of the Wild West in general, but their fees are pretty high.
>Many thanks for your consideration.
>Cameron A. Johnson
>Public Programs
>Everett Public Library
>2702 Hoyt Avenue
>Everett, WA  98201
>425-257-8092 (fax)
>cjohnson at everettwa.gov<mailto:cjohnson at everettwa.gov>
>As little as possible,
>As much as necessary.
>                            -R. Daneel Olivaw
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