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Hi All,

Our Everett Public Library podcast team is looking for photos, programs, etc. from the old Forest Park Zoo. Starting in 1914 and running through the 1950s (and declining through the 1970s), Forest Park in Everett had a zoo that included not only native species, but some exotic animals like lions, wallabies, and even an elephant (Rosie).

We've found some Herald and Seattle Times articles about the zoo, but are lacking old photos of the zoo, maps, programs, anything else produced about the zoo in its prime.

We've looked through our own files, queried Everett Parks and the Everett Herald, and have a pretty skimpy return for our time. Does anyone out there have photos or docs in their personal or family collections that they might share with us?

We're also interested in finding more people that have vivid memories of the old zoo. Any ideas for interviewees are welcome.

Many thanks.

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