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EPLS Northwest Room Everett Herald
​Newspaper ​

Recently the Northwest Room at the Everett Public Library hosted graduate
student Ayana Looney from the Information School at the University of
Washington. For her final Capstone project, Ayana created a process for
documenting the condition of the microforms in the Library’s Everett Herald
collection. This work was the first step in a process to eventually
digitize the Herald. She has found that some reels were poorly filmed when
the masters were produced, and are not suitable for digitization. Some
years of the Herald may need to be re-filmed before they can be digitized;
this would also improve microform access to the content.

The Everett Public Library has bound volumes of the Everett Herald dating
back to the beginning of publication, but their condition varies widely.
Ayana is trying to find out if other organizations have back issues of the
Herald. Having an inventory of other Herald archives will be useful in the
event that a reel needs to be re-filmed and the Everett Public Library’s
copy is found to be in poor condition.

If any League members have archived copies of the Herald, contact the
Northwest Room at libnw at everettwa.gov

More information about Ayana Looney’s Capstone project at the Everett
Public Library can be found here:

Lisa Labovitch
History Specialist

Northwest Room

Everett Public Library

425.257.8005 <(425)%20257-8005>

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