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Tue Nov 7 09:53:23 PST 2017

Genealogists and local historians know that maps are often fascinating ways
to trace a family, business, or community history.  Plat map/atlases
(created by Metsker, Sanborn and Kroll and the 1910 Anderson Map Company)
are among the most useful​.  Thanks to the Granite Falls Historical
Society  (Fred Cruger and his crew) these maps have been digitized and we
have this amazing online mapping tool now available online to track
properties and past owners.  It does take some practice and understanding
of the maps but it is now available for you to begin to learn the history
of your property.  The project was created to be a historic asset inventory
<http://www.snocoheritage.org/loscho-historic-asset-inventory/> for
Snohomish County but is available now online for anyone to try out.

I suggest trying option
3 below first to see the properties that are being researched for their
historical significance.  My experience is that it takes a little time to
load these files so give it time to load.  Then have fun exploring....

1)      An interactive online map allowing the user to explore Snohomish
County ca. 1910 can be accessed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone at:

2)      An interactive online map allowing the user to overlay maps from
1910 through 1975, and with them the original homesteads in Snohomish
County, can be accessed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone at:

3)      A map of 465 significant entries from the 2015 Historic Resource
Scan contracted by Snohomish County can be found at:

​LOSCHO organizations <http://www.snocoheritage.org/> should have a
volunteer or two who are familiar with this to help.  And anyone is
encouraged to contact them to contribute information to the map inventory
to update information.  Appointments are usually necessary.

For more information, contact Fred Cruger of Granite Falls Historical
Society <http://gfhistory.org>

Karen Prasse
League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations
snocoheritage at gmail.com

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